Can’t Seem to Kick Old Habits or Make Lasting Change?

Your Subconscious Could Be Sabotaging You!

If you have an old habit you’re trying to break or something in your life you can’t seem to change, I’ve got news for you.  It’s consciously not your fault.

That’s right, consciously not your fault.  What do I mean by that?

There’s a simple reason that explains why we all have difficulty changing certain aspects of our lives.  It could be leaving a job we hate…losing weight…quitting smoking.  Or even going from one bad relationship to another…

Maybe you want to be more assertive at work.  Maybe you want to stop procrastinating.  Maybe you want to be more confident.  Maybe you want to think more positively.

The bottom line: you want change.  But real, lasting change still doesn’t happen no matter how hard you try. Why not?

You’re not creating lasting change because your subconscious is not supporting what you consciously desire.  This might sound strange at first.  But it makes sense when you look at examples. That’s why some people lose weight only to gain it back again.  Or why some get out of a bad relationship only to find themselves in another one.  Or why some people suffer from phobias.  They all try so hard to make a change, but something draws them back.  They can’t figure out why.  It’s their subconscious.

So no matter how much you try to change, your subconscious thoughts could be sabotaging you.  Without knowing it, these subconscious thoughts keep change from happening, or keep change from lasting.

Let me explain…

What’s Really Controlling Your Thoughts?

All of your current actions, thoughts and beliefs are dictated by what is stored in your mind.  Studies show that as early as conception, your subconscious stores data from every outside influence. This includes your mother’s feelings during her pregnancy, your childhood, every person you ever met.

Every one of your life experiences – no matter how small – is filed away in your mind.  It can be something as casual as an offhand comment you heard when you were only 3.  Or the scent of your mother’s clothes.  Or the taste of your Grandma’s chocolate cake. Nothing is ever forgotten. You may not recall them all, but it’s all locked tightly in your subconscious.

Notice how I said you might not recall them?  That’s because your mind is divided into 3 stages of consciousness: your conscious, your subconscious and your super conscious.  For now, we’ll just look at your conscious and subconscious.

Your Conscious Mind and Your Actions

Your conscious mind is generally there to make decisions.  It sets goals and judges results. It focuses only on the past and future. And it likes new, creative ideas.  Your conscious mind contains all your short-term memory skills.  This is how you remember names during cocktail parties, quick grocery lists or errands for the day.

Since your conscious mind is based on short-term memory, it figures out how to do things based on past experiences.  So you quickly decide what is important, what you believe in or agree with.

The interesting part is your conscious mind is mainly based on your subconscious thoughts.  So your conscious takes the billions of data bits collected in your subconscious over the years and makes decisions based off of that information.  In fact, Dr. Emmanuel Donchin, director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychophysiology at the University of Illinois says up to 99% of your conscious decisions are based on your subconscious memories.

Your Subconscious: The True Powerhouse

Picture your mind as a powerful computer that stores every bit of data it sees, smells, hears or feels.  For instance, your mind is so powerful that even when you’re not looking, it registers every license plate of every car you’ve ever driven past!  Inside your mind is stored every conversation you had.  Every TV show you watched. Every book you read.  You even continue to collect and store information when you’re unconscious under anesthesia!

You’re a walking super computer of long-term memory. Your subconscious is so powerful, it’s estimated to be 1 million times more powerful than your conscious mind.

By storing so much data, you learn and remember things.  You develop skills and habits.  For example, when you get into your car and drive, do you think about where to put your hands?  Or how much pressure to put on the gas pedal?  Of course not.  That’s your subconscious at work.

By storing so much data, your subconscious also helps you form your opinions, attitudes, values and beliefs.  This dictates your day to day actions that make you consistently and inherently…you.

The Only Way to Make Real, Lasting Change

Now let’s step back and think about all this for a moment.  You’ve learned your conscious mind makes decisions for you.  And these decisions are based on past experiences.  You know up to 99% of these past experiences come from your subconscious.

So if you want to make any changes in your thoughts, habits or actions, you need to make a change at the source.  That is, at your subconscious.  More specifically, your subconscious beliefs.

It’s Not about Willpower or Desire

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried to change through planning, insightful discoveries or sheer willpower.  Chances are, you were disappointed by weak results.  Or the change was only temporary.  That’s because these tactics only affect your conscious, not your subconscious.

Think of your subconscious as the hard drive of a computer and your conscious as the monitor.  When you try to make changes by only addressing your conscious mind, it’s like typing something on your computer screen.  Sure, you see the words on the screen.  And it looks like it’s in your computer.  But unless you hit “save,” nothing is stored in your hard drive. No change truly happened.

The good news is, making permanent, lasting changes to your subconscious is easier than you might think.  Depending on how you do it, it can happen very quickly.  The best part is, you can change your subconscious beliefs to completely support what you want.  So you can finally lose weight, be in a loving relationship, improve your health or be more successful at work.  Anything.

Getting “Un-stuck”

There are many ways to change your subconscious beliefs. Different approaches include hypnosis, NLP (neuron linguistic programming), and Psych-K™.  The best part is, all of these approaches help you make lasting change without rehashing the past.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, you don’t need to spend hours talking about yourself, reliving what went wrong and what you don’t like.  None of this helps your subconscious.  With Psych-K™ for example, you simply tell your subconscious what you want.  Then you lock in that belief to make it a reality.

When you use the power of your subconscious to support your conscious desires, you can truly have whatever you want.  Because you’ll finally get rid of mind blocks that keep you tied to old habits that hold you back.  Once you clear these blocks, you can quit addictions, have more confidence, be more successful, heal a physical ailment, find a loving relationship.  In short, you can finally have anything you desire – and keep it for good!