Change is Your Friend

Change Is Your Friend!

It is Necessary for Life.

We are constantly experiencing or wanting change in our lives! Change can be experienced in careers, relationships, education, grief and loss or self growth.

Change is forever present. A single thought, especially if charged with emotion can mark the beginning of change. If we are not aware of our thoughts and feelings, we are creating life by default.

We all experience deep change in our lives. Even if the change feels successful it can cause challenges, thus creating more change.

Yes, we tend to stay with what is familiar. However,

change is vital and necessary, whether accepting or in resistance,

none the less change is part of life.

It is in our best interest to look upon change as a friend. So what is the reason we shy away from change, even when we understand it is for the best?

Often we decide to make a change only to discover that our mind has

a mind of its own. So what part of us is creating change?

To create lasting change in our life it is the subconscious beliefs and programs that are the most attractive force. Most psychology books will agree that our beliefs and character are established by the age of six. Some of our beliefs established by others in this early stage of life may no longer be serving our best interest today.

Often we become our own worst enemy by

sabotaging our conscious goals.

We all can remember statements as, “I am not going to say that anymore” or “I am not going to do that anymore?” But later we find ourselves saying, “I just couldn’t help myself.”

Have you heard the story of the man who lost his car keys one night and was looking under a street lamp?

    A passerby notices a man down on his hands and knees. He asks, “What are you doing?” The man replies, “I am looking for my car keys.” The passerby asks, “Where did you lose them?” The man says, “Over there in the alley.” Surprised, the passerby asks, “Why are you looking under the street lamp if you lost the keys over in the alley?” The man replies, “Because the light’s better over here!”

The keys to lasting change are not often found in the light of the conscious level of insight. Insight is helpful in creating a strategy for change, but often the change is not long lasting.

The trick is to get subconscious beliefs in alignment with our conscious goals. The subconscious is similar to the hard drive of a computer; it can be reprogrammed and often in minutes.

One can rewrite subconscious beliefs without rehashing the painful past,

through processes as Psych-K™, hypnosis and NLP (neuro linguistic


As we travel through life how we respond to and create change not only affects us but also those around us. We teach best by example.

Shed light on one of the most powerful gifts we have, our subconscious mind.