Conversations with Harmony

Can you remember the last conversation with another where you went away disappointed and feeling poorly, because it did not end as you wanted? Later you may even avoid them in fear of another confrontation.

As you think back and analyze the conversation your attention most likely is on the lack in the incident, rather than the positive aspects and how to make it better next time. But to stay focused on the negative aspects, to feel guilty, or be judgmental towards them or yourself, you will most likely just create the same poor results for the next meeting.

Keep your attention on your intention.

To clear up a particular issue it’s best to keep focused on only that issue. Don’t allow yourself to get side tracked. When interacting with the other be clear in your communication and intend that both of you will feel pleased and uplifted with an agreeable resolution. You want harmony.

Identify your intention on the issue and the desire to fulfill you both with a win feeling. Decide on the priority and give it your singular attention. Know what is important to you and ask what is important to them.

Without giving some thought about the issue and just blunder into conversation you will probably end again with disappointing results. You are involved in a discussion where you have not taken the time to identify what you want. Just like a computer, “garbage in, garbage out”. So you are open to again being irritated because of the muddle you got yourself into, for not having clear intentions.

Slow down and ask, “What do I want right now in this situation?”

Creating a harmonious relationship with the other person is far more important than the issue. As you recognize that harmony is what you most want, you become clear your negative emotion goes away. You may state, “Wait, let’s talk. I want to get along with you. I want us to have harmony and be happy together.”

You like most people would like to flow in harmony with life, but sometimes we get stuck and tend to react to life rather than respond. There are many modalities available as PSYCH-K®, NLP and hypnosis etc. that help to create more positive thoughts and beliefs allowing for positive change, thus harmony.

With true intent behind these words, the other person can become disarmed. With your focus on harmony, you may take a fresh view of the issue at hand. The priority is to get your idea across effectively and stimulate a harmonious relationship, and for both of you to walk away feeling uplifted.

To create a positive conversation, expect that the other will be cooperative and brilliant. For if you give thought and worry about them being uncooperative and argumentative you very well may attract just that. Take the time to picture a conversation that will flow in harmony, be cooperative with an ending that satisfies you both.

Think about the desired outcome before you even enter into the conversation, this will create a momentum to clearly convey your meaning. Realize the combining of your thoughts, ideas and experiences together have the potential of creating something even greater than you could create on your own.

Let go of what is not in common and where you disagree and focus on

where you are in harmony and do agree. And by the Law of Attraction

you solicit more of what you do want.

If you believe and expect a harmonious outcome that does not have contradiction in your thinking you increase the potential of both walking away happy. But keep in mind you can only control your own thoughts and emotions. Allow others the same. You best teach by your own example.

Trust yourself enough, to allow others to be who they are.