Energy Medicine, the Future of Medicine

Energy Medicine is a healing process that embraces the mind, body and spirit.  And best of all, it does so without harm.  Its focus is treating the cause of an issue allowing the symptoms to fade away, sometimes instantly.  Energy Medicine is so powerful it often allows healing when drugs and surgery have failed.

Standard health care today measures success on how well it relieves the symptoms.  Drugs may eliminate pain and take down swelling, only to cover up the symptoms.  Kind of like driving down the road and the heat gage on your car goes in the red, so you put masking tape over it to ignore it.  At least until it breaks down.    

Future generations will look back at our high use of drugs and surgery and wonder… what were they thinking?

Dr. Mehmet Oz who frequents the Oprah Show states that, “Energy Medicine is the future of medicine.”  Dr. Oz even has energy medicine practitioners join him in the operating room.  Energy Medicine embraces spirituality and consciousness, altering energies in the mind and body allowing for self-healing.

Research is confirming that there are energy pathways in and around the body that influence our mental and emotional well being.  A few examples are chakras, aura, meridians and science has even measured and documented this energy.

As science is discovering more about the mind/body connection it is climbing up the proverbial mountain of knowledge, only to find masters as Buddha and Jesus sitting on top with the smile of… there you are.

So what is Energy Medicine and why should you care?  First off you must know that every thing is energy, even your thoughts, especially your thoughts.  And these thoughts attract similar energies.  So if you are tuned into 101 am you will not get 98.5 fm.  If tuned into anger you will not get joy.

Einstein stated, that every thing is energy and you cannot change energy at the same level it was created.

If your physical body is not what you wish for yourself, whether ill health or overweight it is a manifestation of years of imbalance of the mind, body and spirit.  If you are willing to take the journey of self-discovery you will discover that true and complete healing is something from within you, which is naturally available to each and every one of us.

There are many processes available that utilize Energy Medicine and a few examples that I use are Reiki, Medical Qigong, PSYCH-K®, Mastering Alchemy and my own process of PFT that involves all the above.  I would also consider modalities as acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage.

Examples of Energy Medicine I have experienced with clients are:

A lady had a cyst for about 4 years.  After one session the cyst started to change, within 10 days, it expanded, ruptured and disappeared and has not returned in months.

One lady in her mid 30’s had been attempting to get pregnant for years and doctors could find nothing physically wrong.  In one session we discovered an old agreement years in her past that was still so strong in her subconscious it stopped her body from getting pregnant.  We released the agreement and within 2 months she became pregnant.

I have had clients lose physical pain within minutes after discovering and releasing the emotions behind the physical pain.

The Baylor Institute in Texas even did a placebo surgery on arthritic knees and they healed as well as those that actually received the real surgery.  Purple dye was used by a doctor to cure warts.  Even sugar pills have eliminated depression.

But, with any self healing to work, you must have the conscious intention within yourself to heal.  A trained practitioner may offer a process, but only through your willingness and participation can it work.  You must have faith, believe, and be open and sincerely curious.

Energy Medicine is not something done to you, but a tool that seeks to remove the blocks and impediments to your own healing.  This explains healings for no apparent reason from disease as cancer.

Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Your human body is energy that is directly affected by the energy of your thoughts and emotions.  Are you present enough to be aware of your feelings and what you truly… believe?

“The ‘secret of life’ is Belief.

Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives.  Changing your beliefs and perceptions impacts your life at a cellular level.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton author of The Biology of Belief

Life has stress whether in relationships, job, financial or just handling every day life.  Chronic stress lowers your immune system and opens the door to dis-ease.  Studies show 80% of visits to a primary care physician are stress related.  And, emotional stress is the cause of 85% of disease.

The Positive News is, that Energy Medicine is a natural way to release stress without any negative side effects.

Energy Medicine offers tools and skills to help cope, reduce risk and eliminate most of the negative effects of stress.  Allowing, the body to be in its natural state of well-being.

Again, you are an energetic being that is directly affected by your thoughts and emotions, which are also energy.  With as much as 95% of your thoughts coming from your subconscious, you may not consciously understand the source of your physical and emotional ailments.

Energy Medicine offers a new vibration and way of thinking, allowing the mind and body to rebalance.  Lasting success is the attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that support well-being.  Energy Medicine is a self-healing mechanism naturally occurring within us all.