Psych-K: A Tool for Lasting Change

Is it time to release the past and become the person you truly are? Have you spent endless time and money on self-help, but often feel something is still missing? Would you like to make changes in your life, using simple, non-invasive processes from PSYCH-K®? Change is part of our daily life even though not always desired, it is necessary to evolve.

PSYCH-K® provides tools to reprogram your subconscious mind in a user-friendly way. Most traditional therapies require remembering conscious insights into your past, talk about the pain and use willpower to consciously change behavior. This change is quite often short lived, unless change is supported by the subconscious mind. It has all your beliefs and attitudes stored away, even if not remembered by the conscious mind. Beliefs are energy that affect your mental, emotional and physical health.

A single thought has little effect, but when repeated, charged with emotion and fixed into a belief, it forms an attitude, which directs behaviors.

To change a behavior it serves to discover the underlying beliefs. The techniques in PSYCH-K® do not require that you relive past traumas or rehash painful memories to gain positive change. Somewhat like a computer, you do not have to read a document to delete it. Using kinesiology (muscle testing), we discover the beliefs of your subconscious mind and use the balances from PSYCH-K® to change non-serving beliefs into beliefs that serve.

The subconscious mind is programmed from everything you have experienced in life. The subconscious mind is about 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind. It is difficult to manifest your conscious goals when a discrepancy arises with the subconscious programming. Long-term permanent change seldom occurs using positive affirmations alone, for the subconscious mind thinks more literally rather than abstractly.

As a human being you are gifted with the ability to think and shape your beliefs, using free choice. Animals on some level can think, but as a human you not only think, you are aware of the fact that you are thinking. When a trauma takes place, it quite often lodges in the right or left hemisphere of the brain. PSYCH-K® protocols always ask permission about the process of change, the best balance for the change, and then test to be sure the balance was committed to the subconscious mind.

Change can happen within minutes.

Beliefs establish the limits of what you achieve, and they also affect your physical body. Your perception of life and your beliefs create your reality. PSYCH-K® is a vehicle of change, but you are the one that decides where you want to go. You decide on the change and whether to implement it or not.