Simply Be

Have you ever given thought to the amount of work and suffering you can put yourself through to achieve, happiness? It makes me think of an oxymoron.

To be happy for no reason is probably quite close to experiencing, I am. Happiness may be like an opinion, for we all have different thoughts and attitudes on what makes us happy. I am quite sure that happiness experienced through judgment or comparison is short lived, if realized at all. To place happiness on others or a situation yet to come puts you in a place of waiting and depending on something outside of yourself. What possible reason is there to wait? Be happy, now.

Stop worrying; worry is using your imagination, to create what you fear.

Some people seem happy most of the time and it does not seem to have anything to do with wealth or the “stuff” they own. I have to admit I have looked at beautiful homes in the mountains next to Lake Tahoe and thought, man would I be happy if I lived there, but in time I would be looking for the next thing to bring me happiness. I am thinking too much happiness is not the reason many famous and wealthy people end their life.

I remember years ago believing when I get that, I will be happy or when I have this I will be happy, but I kept getting those things and something always felt missing. I got many of the things I desired, but the happiness did not last. I kept looking for happiness outside of myself and in all honesty I still do at times.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”

I have experienced bliss or enlightenment for short periods of time. It always came when I was not asking or looking for it. I have experienced great happiness after yoga, but my most powerful experience was working in my shop alone when I was depressed and feeling quite sorry for myself. I kept repeating actually almost chanting I am, I am now, I am now and everything is okay, now. Then bam I experienced a feeling of just floating, all was blissful. It lasted about 9 minutes, until an ego thought came into my mind and it was gone as fast as it had arrived. I look forward to experiencing this feeling more often.

Your beliefs, old programming and the environment all play a roll in your happiness, but the pain, fear, anger or sickness you experience are not you, only situations in your life. To resist, deny or blame others for your situation is to avoid, what is.

Whatever you dwell on or worry about will most likely manifest into existence,

so dwell on something “good”.

Start feeling happy by putting your actions in harmony with your thoughts. It is okay to fake it until you make it. Everyone deserves to be happy and how wonderful to feel as good about someone else’s happiness as your own. Start taking credit for all that you experience in life and realize it all has purpose, however slight and there is no reason to label it good or bad, it just is.

Intend to be happy and greet life with a smile and just simply be.