What is More Efficient Than Drugs and Safer to Use?

About 40% of Americans take one or more prescribed drugs on a daily effort to “prevent” a more serious problem, but what harm is this drug doing to some other part of your body? The belief you need this drug and it helps is most likely just that, your belief.

There is tons of research on how powerful the sugar pill is at healing as a placebo. A woman plagued with depression for over 30 years was shocked to learn she was healed by a placebo. Not only did her depression clear, brain scans found that the activity of her prefrontal cortex was greatly enhanced. She even experienced the known side affects associated with “that” antidepressant. Changing beliefs changes your biology.

In 1974 a man was told he had cancer of the esophagus, which was considered 100% fatal at that time. He died a few weeks later and when an autopsy was done they discovered no traces of esophageal cancer. It would appear his beliefs (nocebo) killed him.

This country seems to have become so easily dependent on a quick fix as a pill or just removing some body part, and quite possibly missing the message or wake up call for healing something within. Recent research is discovering the power of your beliefs and how you perceive your environment actually alters your DNA, your genes. Take back your power and realize the healer within, all you need is to believe.

Have you been labeled sick, overweight or told you have some sort of dysfunction, but nothing has really changed physically since your last doctor’s exam? You were a little overweight before, but this time you are labeled obese. You have about the same blood pressure as a year ago, but now you are told you have hypertension. Sex is not quite what it use to be when younger, so you are labeled with a “sexual” dysfunction.

Commercials on TV set the impression you need this white pill to be able to dig clams on the beach, this pink one to ice skate like an Olympian or this blue one is needed for better sex. The other day I saw one that said when you are sitting in your chair do your legs ache and become restless? If so you may have “achy-shaky leg dysfunction” and ask your doctor if this pill is for you.

Do you care about digging clams or skating like Peggy Fleming? If your legs get a little achy-shaky, have you been exercising? As far as sex goes, it has its ups and downs as anything. Do you want to be dependent on a drug when all you may need is a better diet, exercise and or just a change in attitude? Not to mention the long term negative effects the drug may be causing you.

Dartmouth Medical School research estimated that during the 1990’s tens of millions of Americans were classified as having hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes or obesity. Is this so, or is it because the definition of these diseases has changed? Who made this change of definition and for what reason? Before starting drugs, give it some thought first.

This article inspired by information from an article written by Susan Kelleher and Duff Wilson. “The Hidden Big Business Behind Your Doctors’ Diagnosis”