You Are What You Believe

Beliefs establish the limits of what you achieve, and they form your attitudes which develop your behaviors. Beliefs are energy that affects your mental, emotional and physical health, as well as your connection to Spirit.

As a human being you are gifted with the ability to think and shape your beliefs, using free choice. Yet, the latest understanding in the neurosciences is that at least 95% of your consciousness is subconscious. In other words, most of us are running our lives on auto-pilot. You probably spend more time responding to life using your subconscious, than using the conscious mind to create the life of your choosing.

The subconscious mind has been programmed from everything you have experienced in life and it remembers absolutely everything. “The subconscious mind is capable of processing over four billion bits of information per second; whereas the conscious mind is capable of processing only two thousand bits of information per second.”~ Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist With difference in processing power, you can see why it is so difficult to manifest your conscious goals when a discrepancy arises with the subconscious programming.

“The missing link between good intentions and effective actions is the ability to align subconscious beliefs with conscious goals.” Rob Williams

Long lasting change seldom occurs using positive thinking or affirmations alone, because the subconscious mind thinks more literally rather than abstractly. Most affirmation statements are abstract concepts to the subconscious mind.

A single thought has little effect, but when repeated, charged with emotion and fixed into a belief, it forms an attitude, which directs behaviors. To change a behavior it serves to discover the underlying beliefs. Somewhat like a computer, it is possible to rewrite outdated software for the subconscious mind. Some issues may be a life lesson, a psychological issue, or be a physical problem. Kinesiology (muscle testing) is a very accurate tool to discover the proper goal to work on, how to proceed with change and confirm if change has been accepted by the subconscious mind.

If you are ready to shift your belief system, there is a process called PSYCH-K® that uses non-invasive techniques that do not require rehashing painful memories. Remembering conscious insights into your past is seldom necessary to alter beliefs. Changing your beliefs will affect your health, body, self-esteem, prosperity and attitude or most anything you can imagine. When you release the past and discover who you truly are, the teacher and healer you have searched for appears, you. Remember that which exists in you naturally to realize your wholeness.

To attract that what you want in your life,

may be no farther away than a belief.