You Were Born Naturally Slim, So What Happened

You may have experienced countless exercise programs, diets and a library of diet books as long as your arm, but the weight just comes back or may not even go.

Your natural ability to be healthy and slim is not following some strict food plan, constant exercising, deprivation or willpower.

You were born into this world naturally slim.  The ability to regain this is not to be found out side of you. Yes past eating habits, physical activity or lack of activity has played a role in your physical condition now.

The trouble is most programs and books focus on counting calories and relentless exercise but people often fall short of lasting weight loss or health. Why is that?  The missing link behind these physical activities and lasting success is the attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that support the actions.

Your excess weight or ill health cannot be changed in the present but only in the future by what you say, do and most important think now.

If your physical body is not what you wish for yourself whether ill health or overweight it is a manifestation of years of imbalance of the mind, body and spirit.  If you are willing to take the journey of self-discovery you can become aware of the issues around poor eating habits or body issues as excess weight or poor health.  You can rewrite the beliefs to create health and vitality.

When it comes to your over all health, ‘slow and right is quicker than fast and wrong’ for you did not gain that poor health or excess weight over night and it will not be “fixed” over night.  Skipping steps may get you there quickly, but most likely will not last.  Take time to focus on the process not the pounds.

What do you do first, where do you start?

First you must become aware.  Choose to be more conscious in all aspects of your life.  To be in a place of resistance or avoidance will leave you stuck.  When you become aware of a specific issue you than can consciously choose to create change.  Yes, you may need outside support, but you are the one that decides for you.

Are you aware of the negative thoughts or emotions you use throughout the day as “I need to lose weight”, “I am so overweight I don’t deserve to buy new clothes”, “I am so ugly” and so on?  If you eat a desert and beat yourself up verbally and emotionally this self abuse is harder on your body than the desert you ate.

So when you eat something eat it with enjoyment and appreciation, enjoy it whether healthy or not.  You deserve a treat now and then; maybe you can just eat a smaller portion.  You deserve to wear comfortable clothes that fit.  Accept yourself where you are now and with excited anticipation keep focus and clarity on your goal.  But, remember to enjoy the process and your results will come even quicker.

The definition of the word diet has changed drastically in recent years.  It use to mean, “what you eat for sustenance.”  To many now it evokes a cringe and even mental anguish—as in “I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet.”

Diet mentality creates a state of mind affecting the way you perceive your whole self: body, mind and spirit.  Diet and diet related products are over a $30 billion dollar a year industry.

This industry is built on repeat customers.  Approximately 75% of those that join a commercial weight loss program are repeat customers.  Over 90% of those that lose weight gain that weight back within 5 years.

The self-defeating spiral of Yo-Yo dieting.

It is the yo-yo process of: diet, lose weight, gain weight, diet, lose weight etc.  Severe restrictions on food intake actually trigger the body to go into a famine mode slowing down the metabolism; conserving energy and storing fat: and when the body runs out of calories it starts burning muscle as well as fat.

Each subsequent diet compounds these effects. So even when a diet is “successful” a dieter can actually be eating less food at a weight above what they were before.

Diet and exercise alone often do not create lasting change unless it is supported by your thoughts and what your mind truly believes.  The conscious mind has little chance unless the subconscious mind is in alignment with your conscious goals.  It is possible to rewrite the beliefs that sabotage you on your journey into beliefs that support you.