Be Your Natural Healthy Weight

Throw away your bathroom scale!

Be Your Ideal, Healthy Weight – without BoringMeal Plans or Tiring Exercise Programs!

Researchers found most weight problems come from emotional roadblocks hidden within you. In other words, it’s not what you eat…it’s how you think!

Think about it this way. When you’re stressed, sometimes your stomach gets upset. Maybe your heart beats faster. Or your shoulders and neck get sore from tightening too much.

The point is, stress is emotional – but it causes physical symptoms in your body. As you probably know, what you think affects how you feel.

So it makes sense what you think also affects how you hold onto – or lose – your weight.

Why diets and exercise don’t work

Most weight loss programs, doctors and meal plans miss the boat completely. They only focus on your diet and exercise.

They never look at why you continue eating the way you do. Or why you can’t stick to an exercise program. They completely ignore how you can lose twenty pounds…then gain them back again.

It’s no wonder 9 out of 10 people fail at weight loss programs. We’re doing it all wrong!

But now, you can finally get off the weight loss rollercoaster…

Now it’s easy to be the natural, healthy you. Imagine the satisfaction you feel every morning when you pull on your perfect pant size. Or the smile on your lips as you look in the mirror and love what you see.

It’s possible once you clear subconscious thoughts holding you prisoner in a body that’s not truly you.

Once you clear these thoughts, your body naturally returns to your ideal body weight. All without following any strenuous exercise routines, popping a handful of pills or starving yourself with bland diets.

Reach (and keep) your ideal body size through the

Body Wise Program

Body Wise Program is a fully customized program that works at your pace. In just five sessions, you:

  • Uncover and release self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Enhance your self esteem
  • Safely reach (and maintain) your natural healthy weight
  • Create and stick to beneficial lifestyle changes
  • Establish a wholesome relationship with food
  • Finally get off the weight loss rollercoaster

You can experience the program one-on-one, in small groups or in weekend workshops. For more information, contact me now.

“Doing the Body Wise Program has made it possible for me to lose over 200 pounds on my goal weight to 170. It has taken me over three years but I did it without surgery which was very risky with my heart condition. The best part was my attitude adjustment and how I now like myself. I have become so aware of how I used to sabotage myself I have been easily able to let go of all my bad habits. I now live free and joyfully.”
-Cheryl O. Paradise, CA.

“I am doing well after one Body Wise Program with myself and have lost some weight just from being conscious of what’s going on. It’s not what I’m eating it’s what’s been eating me!”
~Terrie M.


“Even though my gastric bypass surgery went very well and I lost most of the undesired weight, I kept sabotaging myself with the same bad habits. I became depressed and suicidal. My doctor recommended the program to support me and help with my attitude. Wow, what a difference. Within one week I noticed changes and I began feeling happy. I set motivated goals to support my new behavior. This program is very complete easy to follow and easy to use. Anything that is blocking you is brought to your attention and the letting go of bad habits is replaced with new healthy ones. I have recommended it to all that are serious about weight.“
– Todd B. Chico, CA