EBB (Energetic Body Balance)

Harmonize the mind, body and Soul.

Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Would you like to have more energy, feel younger, and have better focus? Are emotional or physical issues that you can’t explain affecting your life negatively? Did you know that you may not even be consciously aware of what is holding you back?

Your subconscious mind and your chakras may be the cause of your issues. In fact, the issues may not even result from your present life, but from a past existence!

Everything in life and our environment affects us. Other people, animals, electronic and magnetic forces, and even Mother Nature have an effect on how we feel and react. Remember the warm feelings you have had for a baby animal or a loved one? Or the uncomfortable feelings when someone who is angry or out of control invades your space?

Your energy field is constantly changing to adjust and attune to each experience at every moment. Negative effects can cause the body to lose balance, become ill, and eventually succumb to disease and even death. How do you counteract these effects? One way is to experience EBB. This process can help you tune up your energy field, much like tuning up your car, a musical instrument, or your computer.

My EBB process, used in conjunction with PFT (Procedure for Transformation), helps you to change and create your own well-being. You have within you the programming to be your natural healthy self, but you must request and allow it. For true lasting change you must involve the mind, body, and Spirit to prevent the return of any issues you may have had.

Look within your Soul and decide what is the best and highest good for you. Never give that power to another. Discover the Real You Within, and remember the connection you have to the Source of the Universe.

Miracles can happen only if you believe with all your heart that something can change. And it will, if you let the change in. I invite you to get out of your comfort zone and imagine that possibly, just maybe, you can take charge of your life.

 Imagination. . .is more powerful than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

 With enough imagination, an open healthy perception, curiosity, and belief in yourself . . . you can create the change you wish to have in your life. Are you ready to start your own journey . . . now?

Here are some testimonials about EBB:

Marc, the guided imagery you took me through was wonderful! I was totally at peace and surrounded with love…it reminded me of my near-death experience — total bliss!! It felt so right — as if the energy was lining up in my body and the old “stuff,” that no longer served me, was leaving! As a woman, I am also appreciative of your choosing tactful and respectful words. Blessings to you!

Ann Marie J., Reiki Master

I had been having lower back issues that corresponded with my monthly cycle. In one energetic balancing with Marc the pain went away and I felt lighter. My next cycle was much easier and less painful. I recommend this to anyone, open to the experience.

Anne Vondruska, Massage Therapist and Doula. February 2012

“Thank you for our session. We had no sooner started and I was transported. I was not asleep, I could hear you however I went into a deep relaxation that was just fantastic.  Working with you over the phone was profound – you are gifted Marc, and I thank you for sharing your healing abilities and lovely caring nature.”

Deborah Dachinger  Syndicated, Award-Winning Host of “Dare to Dream” Radio

Bestselling author of “DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts!”

Marc thank you soooo much for the remote energy treatment session. Wow, that was powerful stuff. Amazing – it really felt as if you were working right next to me, not hundreds of miles away. It’s amazing how well it worked, and we both picked up on similar things, over the phone. It was a deeply healing and powerful session for me and I feel I was able to release a lot of ‘stuff’ without too much drama. I felt well, stable and energized for days.Many blessings to you.

Karin Dietrich, MNT Nutrition Therapist, Reiki Master

Marc’s Energetic Body Balance sessions have been extremely helpful to me.

As a Posture Alignment Therapist, I work with people every day on the “mechanics” of their chronic pain.  But as a holistic practitioner, I know that there is almost always an emotional or spiritual aspect to pain that also needs to be addressed.

I have struggled with the mental and physical stresses of chronic Lyme disease for four years.  During that time, the posture alignment work has kept me from being crippled.  However, it has been my work with Marc over the past year that has proved to be the most valuable for me emotionally.

After an EBB session, I feel much calmer and more in control.  I no longer feel like my emotions are running the show.  I also notice a decrease in pain and an increase in healthy energy.  And, best of all, the results are not only cumulative (meaning that each session builds on the previous one), but they are also lasting.  I highly recommend Marc’s sessions.

Kat Wiechert, Posture Alignment Therapist

For those of us, who have a few disorders of aging, being able to experience Marc Hiscox’s healing modality; EBB (Energetic Body Balance) is a treat, not soon forgotten.

I contacted Marc and an appointment was made for Monday, March 12, 2012 at 8:00 a.m.  A little early, you are thinking for someone, who has pain management issues. Here is the best part; EBB can be done over the phone. You don’t have to move a foot out of your comfort zone, no hair to do, no makeup, no driving miles out of your way. Imagine how blissful this is to experience a complete ending of pain, while your whole body rests in something I find words hard to explain. Think of it as liquid love for the body.

I tried to remember when the last time was that my body felt this good. Honestly, if ever, it would have to have been as a small child. Later that day I drove to a nearby city approximately 35 miles away from where I live. The entire drive was so peaceful and relaxing. It felt as though the peace in my body was reflecting back onto the environment; every part of that day was transformed by the EBB experience.

I would highly recommend this technique for anyone having a physical, mental, or emotional issue.

Pat P Carson City, NV