Energy Tools, A Playshop

Your body comes with physical equipment as fingers, toes, arms and legs.  It also comes with non-physical or energy equipment.  The tools taught in this “playshop” are about using this energy equipment in helping you restore health and balance to the mind, body and Spirit.

As you use these energy tools your mind and body will recognize and remember its natural space of well being.  These tools have a synergistic affect when used together.  But, are easily applied to every day life… as you sit at a stop light, wait in line or experience life’s stressful moments.

Applying these tools will support you in becoming more present and quieting the noise and drama in your thoughts.   Experiencing this playshop will bring you in contact with the teacher and healer you’ve been looking for… You.

Learn tools that alter the speed, shape and function of the geometric energy fields surrounding you. Allowing you to step out of the limited third dimensional thinking of good and bad, right and wrong and the need to be right.  You will learn how to let go of energies as anger, blame, shame, guilt, worry and I’m not enough.

When you let go of who you are not than the real you comes forward and you remember how to “like yourself.”  You can let go of the well intended, but misguided information that you learned from parents, teachers or society.  When you learn to operate and be present in the Higher Mind than nobody else can take this place.

From experiencing and applying these tools you shall:

  • Discover how to quiet the mind and be more present.
  • Learn to maintain composure under stress, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Experience Seven Living Words that expand and empower your daily life.
  • Dissolve old habits and create a new platform from which to launch a life of Ease and Confidence and Grace.
  • Learn to keep your energy separate from others.
  • Release Stress… naturally!

Comments from students of this work:

As a massage therapist it is imperative that I stay grounded and focused during each session with a client.  Marc’s workshop gave me the tools to do so more effectively. By using his visualization and meditation techniques, I have made positive changes in my professional and personal life. I am able to be more “present” or “in the moment”.  Heather Maxwell massage therapist

Marc as a friend I am awed by your continued growth Spiritually and how you have taken what you learn and are willing to share it with others. Your ability to empower others to heal themselves is marvelous. As a Professional Practitioner and a RN for over 35 years, I stand witness to this precious ‘Gift’ you have been given and how the message delivered is from your Heart. Keep up this Good work. Cynthia Vranken, RN

I have worked with Marc in private sessions for years. I am a Reiki Master and experienced many processes related to energy work. I participated in his “playshop” Release Stress… Naturally thinking it would be fun but not much new information. I was pleasantly surprised and humble enough to admit I discovered new tools and a new twist on grounding. Marc teaches with great love, compassion and clarity and I thoroughly enjoyed his class. Susan Barry, DC

Wow Marc, I have to say the enrgy tools you taught me came at a really great time. I was able to make it thru an amazingly tough situation this afternoon and still feel much centered, due to your techniques! I look forward to working with you further. Brooke Roberts, Esthetician

Marc’s Stepping Up “playshops” are not only valuable, but fun.  I could literally feel everyone come into their own power, gaining a firmer sense of who they are, as beings-of-light.  Marc invited a participant up to the front and demonstrated his process of PFT to Help her release a block.  All experienced benefit from the energy exercises.   Denise Sheehan, Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki