Our Relationship

How We Work Together…

Empathy, Sympathy or Compassion
Sympathy does not truly help you feel better and empathy may hinder my serving you.  But to be in compassion, I appreciate your stress, but I stay neutral and make clearer decisions that empower and allow you to decide.  

Working Together
I work with you, not on you. We share equally in your process of change or healing.

You are Unique
My training and experience helps me guide you in your process. But only you can decide if you truly want to heal or change. And remember, you are a unique being. Trust your progress moves at a pace that’s ideal for you.

Be Free of Judgment
Whatever issue you face – it’s not you. It’s simply a circumstance in your life. Avoid judging your issues and yourself. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. Instead, your issue is an incredible growth opportunity.

Recognize Change
Our sessions together don’t need to be “heavy” or serious. Sessions help you manifest healing and personal growth. Be sure you affirm and appreciate every step in your progress with joy.

Review and Evaluate
Our work together should continue challenging you towards a higher level of growth. If you feel our sessions do not benefit you, please tell me. I thank you for your honesty and give you my blessings.

Please come to your sessions on time. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please tell me 24 hours in advance. Please keep in mind, when you reserve an appointment, someone else must wait for their own healing. So if you must cancel last minute (unless due to emergency), you are still billed for a full hour.

Stay in Contact
The process of healing and change is a dynamic experience. At times, uncovering deeply hidden thoughts may cause inner turmoil. If you need support, please call me. Also, be sure to let me know of exciting breakthroughs too!