Overcome Mental Hurdles Through PFT

Procedure for Transformation PFT®

Procedure for Transformation (PFT) quickly identifies the subconscious roadblocks preventing you from achieving the change you desire. My clients use PFT to:

  • Kick old, nagging habits (even when other modalities failed)
  • Enjoy happier relationships with loved ones
  • Create more success at work
  • Support your body’s natural healing process
  • Greatly reduce anxiety and stress
  • Clear the emotional, root cause of a physical ailment
  • Overcome mental hurdles to peak performance
  • Lose weight – and keep it off
  • Break free from negative patterns

and so much more…

Frees you from feeling “stuck”

Often, clients are amazed by how quickly PFT changes old behavior or improves their health. By the end of a single session, many feel “lighter,” or they feel considerably less pain, and enjoy a mental clarity they never experienced before.

You experience such incredible results because PFT aligns your mind, body and spirit to support your change.

We start with our signature version of PSYCH-K®. This quickly identifies and releases negative roadblocks causing your issue.

Then we clear your chakras of any inherited and past-life energy surrounding that issue.

Ensuring your progress

By releasing emotional and energetic roadblocks to change, you clear the path to live the life you want. But your conscious mind still must support you through your actions.

To do so, we ask your subconscious for positive words and affirmations supporting your specific change. So your subconscious and conscious mind work hand-in-hand towards the same goal.

When your two minds work together, you finally free yourself and live the life you desire.
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