What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is also known as Psychological Kinesiology. To understand how it works, let’s start with what you probably already know. That is, your subconscious controls all of your body’s motor functions. Such as breathing, your heart beating, and muscle movements. What you might not know is our subconscious controls your muscles through a series of electrical signals. Thus creating a direct link between your subconscious and your muscles.

Kinesiology works by tapping into this direct link. Doctors found when you have a positive thought, your muscles are stronger. When you have a negative thought, your muscles go weak. That’s why many call this process “muscle testing.”

To muscle test, you simply hold your arm out while I ask you a specific question. Then I push down lightly on your arm. Your subconscious gives me its true answer based on whether your arm stays strong or weak.

Through kinesiology, your conscious mind doesn’t get in the way. So it can’t bias your answers and keep you from learning the truth.

Getting rid of subconscious roadblocks

PSYCH-K uses muscle testing to talk directly with your conscious and subconscious mind. This direct conversation quickly identifies sabotaging beliefs, patterns and habits holding you back from the change you desire.

Then the process transforms these negative beliefs into positive beliefs focused on supporting the change you want.

The final step keeps your progress on track. We do this by locking your supportive beliefs in place.

My unique process, Procedure for Transformation® (PFT), uses a foundation of PSYCH-K blended with the best aspects of other modalities. This highly-efficient process helps you create lasting, life-altering changes. And you make changes very quickly.

Often, people are amazed by how dramatically PFT changes old behavior or improves their health. By the end of a single session, many feel “lighter.” They feel considerably less pain. And they enjoy a mental clarity they never experienced before.

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