How PFT® Helps People Just Like You…

My first experience with Marc was amazing. I had a cyst for many years and the doctors stated not to worry it has not grown and no chance of cancer. But, if your body works correctly it will rid itself of any thing that is not suppose to be there. Two days after my session the cyst started movement and within 5 days it had dissolved and months later… never returned.
Jojo Myers, Matrix Leadership, LLC Dayton, NV

This is so nice Marc. I continue to feel your positive energy. I have been wondering why I continue looking for alternative healing methods… then I discover someone like you. I felt very comfortable with you. I am grateful for your support and health. Thank you, I will be in touch.
Anna K. Truckee, CA

“WOW what a difference! I have had a sore inflexible hip for over 10 years and was told medically nothing could be done, it was probably arthritis, you’ll just have to live with it. But after two sessions with Marc it released and has been wonderful ever since. There is almost no pain and the motion is nearly normal.”

– Dr. Susan B., D.C., Gardnerville, NV

“My first session with Marc started, in some sense, when I called to make an appointment. I hung up with tears in my eyes, already releasing life’s pressures and toxic emotions. After our first session I felt much calmer about the overwhelm of being the primary caregiver to a friend dealing with stage four cancer; my blood pressure, which had been high for some time, returned to normal and stayed there; my optimism of life was restored, and I felt I could draw on a reserve of energy long buried. Marc is a gifted healer.”

– Dr. Judy O., Ph.D. Juneau, AK

“The pressure behind my eyes disappeared and has stayed gone. The healing you do is a Powerful thing. THANK YOU very much.”
– Deb C., Reno, NV

“I now have a greater awareness of myself. Because of this, I enjoy more fulfilling relationships with friends and family. And I moved my business to the next level. I’m extremely grateful to Marc and his exceptional form of PSYCH-K.”
– Brenda L., Sparks, NV

“Working with Marc can be quite an emotional release. You leave him as a calmer, more focused individual. I have also invited Marc to my home with a small group which is a fun and comfortable setting to introduce him to others. The feed back from others is always positive. Marc is gifted in his sensitivity and I haven’t the words to express how I appreciate having been fortunate enough to have met him and worked with him.”
-Pat D., Reno, NV

“I quickly felt comfortable enough to talk with him about my story with cancer. Working together he helped me release fears and dark emotions. During the session I could actually feel the transfer of energy tingling in my hands. Since then I noticed that I feel better and have energy every day. I have this sense of well being that was not there before. I never realized how much my fears were eating at me and how horribly they were affecting my body

Now even when I’m feeling a little run down I have this extra push knowing I can do anything I put my mind to. This experience gave me a peace I had not known for years. I don’t think my mind has ever had this much peace now that I look back on my life. Not having those fears adds to my inner strength and I find that I deal with things much better than in the past.

What Marc did for me, I will always be thankful for. Having gone through cancer I know I can do anything but having my fears faced and dealt with was a gift I will always treasure.”
– Melissa E., Reno, NV

“The sessions I had with you were so incredible and have already changed my feelings around my mother. When I talk to her I feel more accepting and don’t get irritated. This is a huge deal for me.”
– Kat T., Bellevue WA

“Marc is a born healer and a model of the New Paradigm male. His inherent compassion, intuition and gentleness create a safe place for women who may have deep-seated trust issues with men.”
– Kathy H., Los Altos, CA.

“My mother suffers from Alzheimer’s. One session with Marc allowed such a dramatic shift in me; I soon noticed my mother was calmer and more peaceful.”
– Barbra S., Carson City, NV

“Discovering Marc’s work was serendipity. He taught me how to feel like I have had 8 hours of restful, rejuvenate sleep with only minutes of effort! On another occasion, he made an emergency house-call when I was put on bed rest because of complications with my pregnancy. After one session, my symptoms disappeared that same day and I was able to return to work for the 4 month remainder of my pregnancy. I had a beautiful healthy child.”
– Sherese S., Gardnerville, NV

“Marc’s work with me was just what I needed to gain confidence in a new direction. My anxiety in moving towards becoming a counselor/therapist was blacking the flow. Marc facilitated me in a gentle way that helped me break the self-defeating cycle. I am so excited about his work.”
– Jennifer W., Reno, NV

“My Life Bonding Balance with Marc has had a profound effect on my world. Helping me examine, clear and resolve erroneous beliefs and patterns. I feel a more expansive relationship with my Self. Relationships with others have also shifted to a new level of integrity as I express from my authentic Self. Marc’s compassion and sensitivity support this valuable process.”
– Michelle G., Minden, NV

“Marc is dedicated to transformation of self and others. I personally have experienced Marc’s healing energy and witnessed it when he works with others.”
– Lisa Nichols, featured in “The Secret,” author, motivational speaker

“I felt very satisfied with my session with Marc, because he made me feel comfortable and he really listened to me.  I feel like he really cared and wanted to help me.
It helped me overcome some fears and allowed me to move forward.  The triangle with the words was a good tool, reminding me to be safe.
Marc was role model for me and helped me with my life.”

-Emma S. age 10, Gardnerville, NV, Student

“Marc you are such a great example. I never see you lay your sword down. You wield it skillfully all the time being a warrior of peace. You are a great example to me and I thank you.”
-Lama Steve Yochum, Tibetan Buddhist, Yoga Teacher, General Building Contractor