Three Layers of Your Mind

Your 3 Minds: Conscious, Subconscious and Super Conscious

Your Conscious Mind: the Action Figure

Your conscious mind is generally there to make decisions. It sets goals and judges results. It contains all your short-term memory skills like remembering people’s names and grocery lists.

It also figures out how to do things based on past experiences. So you quickly decide what is important, what you believe in or agree with. Your conscious mind takes the billions of data bits collected in your subconscious over the years and makes decisions based off of that information. In fact, 90% of your conscious decisions are based on your subconscious memories.

Your Subconscious: the True Powerhouse

Picture your mind as a powerful computer storing every bit of data it sees, smells, hears or feels. Your mind is so powerful, it registers every license plate of every car you’ve ever driven past!

Your subconscious is estimated to be 1 million times more powerful than your conscious mind. By storing so much data, you learn and develop skills and habits. For example, when you get into your car and drive, do you think about where to put your hands? Or how much pressure to put on the gas pedal? Of course not. That’s your subconscious at work.

Your subconscious also helps you form your opinions, attitudes, values and beliefs. This dictates your day to day actions that make you consistently and inherently…you.

Your Super Conscious: the Loving Teacher

Your super conscious goes by several names. Some call it your Higher Self, Spirit or Soul. Your super conscious mind acts like a watching, caring presence. It helps you expand your awareness of yourself and others.

Think of your super conscious as a great teacher or caring parent. It wants to integrate all three minds into one unified consciousness. Once unified, you stop reacting to life…and start responding to it.

To unleash the power of your super conscious, you must clear your subconscious of negative thoughts, beliefs and habits getting in your way.

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